Founded in 1977, Seimec is a manufacturer of asynchronous and brake motors and flat extruded motors.
The company's position was consolidated in 1990 with the link-up with Rossi Motoriduttori for the exclusive manufacture of its own design of a brake motor with DC braking.
In 1997 Rossi Motoriduttori acquired the entire share package of Seimec in order to participate directly in the design and production of the motor. This merger has brought Rossi's experience and technology to Seimec while maintaining the original versatility and speed of the smaller company in meeting customer requirements. Seimec. has taken the decision to retain its independent trademark in order to guarantee a direct, specialised relationship with its customers.



Following the acquisition, both Seimec's management and production facilities have been completely restructured, in order to reinforce the quality and reliability standards of the larger company.

Thanks to these new policies, Seimec has seen considerable growth in turnover in recent years, from 7.75 Million Euro in 1997 to 15.5 Million Euro in 2004. The company now has a workforce of 100 and produces over 130,000 motors per annum.

Seimec now offers a completely refurbished product line-up, with asynchronous three-phase and single-phase motors in the standard (HF) and brake (HFF, HFZ, HFV) models and both standard (HPE) and brake (HPEV) flat extruded motors.
Over 48 designs are also available (not to mention non-standard designs) to offer the widest choice of versions for the customer's special needs.