HF Asynchronous three-phase and single-phase motors

Motors in a wide and comprehensive series of sizes, polarities and designs
Strong and reliable product
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Powers 0,045 & 55 kW
Single-speed 2, 4, 6, 8 poles 230 Y 400 V 50 Hz (sizes 63 & 160S) and 400 V 50 Hz (sizes 100 & 250)
Two-speed 2.4, 4.6, 4.8, 6.8 poles 400 V 50 Hz (sizes 63 & 250) and 2.6, 2.8, 2.12 poles 400 V 50 Hz (sizes 63 & 132)
Sizes 63 & 132 available also with higher powers than the ones foreseen by the standards
Class F insulation, temperature rise class B for all single-speed motors at standardized power, B, B/F or F for remaining motors
Mounting positions IM B3, IMB5 normal and special, IM B14 and corresponding vertical mounting positions
IP 55 protection
Particularly strong construction (both electrical and mechanical); duly proportioned bearings
«Supported» tightening attachments of endshields and flanges fitted on casing with «tight» coupling
«Generous» electromagnetic sizing having margins of safety, good acceleration capacity (high frequency of starting) and uniform starting (slightly «sagged» characteristic curves)
Wide metallic terminal box
Suitable for operation with inverter
Designs available for every application need (flywheel, independent cooling fan, independent cooling fan and encoder, etc.)

Improved efficiency three-phase motors, sizes 80 & 250, 2 and 4 poles, 400 V 50 Hz (IC 411 only), available according to eff2 class limits (eff1 in some cases) and to European Commission and CEMEP agreements

Motor sizes 63 & 160S can be supplied in certified design to CSA and UL standards.

Independent cooling fan
Independent cooling fan
and encoder