HPE Asynchronous three-phase and single-phase flat extruded motors

Motors having reduced radial dimensions compared to standardized IEC series for the same power, particularly suitable for application on cutting machines, e.g. circular saws, thanks to the lowered shape, allowing the maximum exploitation of the cutting height
Extruded light alloy flat casing
Strong and reliable product
Innovating, complete and rigorous documentation

IP 54

IP 55
Blade holding kit (37)
Size.50: collet chuck shaft end (48)  






Powers 0,18 & 9,2 kW (S1)
Higher powers and lower moments of inertia (high dynamics) than the ones of IEC standardized motors of the same size
Intermediate performances and application fields between IEC standardized motors and brushless motors
Sizes: 50 & 80 one-speed (2, 4 poles) and two-speed (2.4 poles); 50 & 71 single-phase (2 poles)
Single-speed 2, 4 poles 230 Y 400 V 50 Hz (50 & 80), 400 V 50 Hz (71L & 80)
Two-speed 2.4 poles 400 V 50 Hz
Single-phase 230 V 50 Hz
Insulation class F
Mounting position IM B34; feet or B14 flange mounting (as alternative B14 flange is suitable for protection or carter mounting)
IP 54 protection; on request IP 55
Particularly strong construction (both electrical and mechanical)
Characteristic curve normally without sags allowing the motor to withstand overloads by slowing down and at the same time providing more torque
Generously proportioned bearings in order to allow high precision and rigidity in the tool withstanding and maximum reliability
Wide metallic terminal box, IP 55 protection, positions on every motor side possible, both on drive end and non-drive end, 90° (HPE) or 180° (HPEM) positions apart; cable openings on each side prearranged
«Generous» electromagnetic sizing and suitable for running with inverter
«Supported» tightening attachments of endshields and flanges fitted on casing with «tight» coupling
Wide range of non-standard designs for all application needs
Shaft end
- standardized cylindrical shaft end for general purposes
- cylindrical shaft having threaded end and dragging key for the easiest blade mounting
- collet chuck for quick tool mounting (non-standard design, on request)
Blade holding kit available on request