The search for the motors is made through the suitable search bar.

Available parameters are: motor type, number of poles and power range. Select requested value and press "Search" to start the search and obtain the list of requested products. The so obtained motor list can be organized according to selected parameter.

The result of the search respects all the parameters required by the user. Click on each line to obtain, on the side, the details of the product including mounting positions, supply voltage and the complete list of non-standard designs.

The most interesting function of the whole system is the product comparison, which allows the visual comparison of technical characteristics in different products. On each side of the product line there is a checkbox (tick off square) in which it is possible to select requested product.

Select the button "ADD" at the end of search page to add the selected product to the comparison list. Repeat the operation for all the products you want to compare (this is valid also for different searches and products from different catalogues).

Press the button "COMPARE" to compare products in the generated list. You will obtain a table which compares all the products in the selected list.